The knowledge and practices of the Extreme Wellness Academy are designed to give you knowledge and practices that contain the essence of my career as one of the world's leading wellness research pioneers.

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Hi, I’m Dr Marc

Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute and Extreme Wellness Academy.

I am an integrative medical doctor and university Professor and have been teaching health practitioners and researching natural approaches to wellness for nearly 3 decades.

I am Founding Board Member of the Global Wellness Summit, Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute and Co-Founder of the Bathe the World Foundation. I hold degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine and PhDs in Chinese medicine and electrical and computer systems engineering.

I have published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and many medical textbook and wellness guides and poetry.

My goal is to help you make sense of your world, become extremely well effortlessly and have fun living your best life. Together, we can become extremely well and help the planet and all life become extremely well.

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In each call Dr Marc will discuss a topic in Wellness and Current Events plus answer your questions on medicine, healthcare, spas and wellness.

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